DÍA DEL TANGO 2008 events will taka place in the following locations in Sofia:

Hall 1
7 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd.

The Central Military Club is among Sofia's cultural icons, one of the first monumental public buildings after the Independance. It has hosted many events such as concerts, exhibitions, meetings, theatre performances, ceremonies and others. The construction of the club started in 1985. Conceived and built in Neorenaissance style, following the projects of the famous Czech architect Antonin Kolar, the building has been completed by the Bulgarian architect Nikola Lazarov and is representative of the post-Independence architecture in Bulgaria. It has three floors with hall distribution typical of the club buildings from the end of 19th century. Today the Central Military Club combines in a wonderful way the classic atmosphere from the start of the 20th century with modern functionality, boasting a variety of cultural, informational and educational activities.

Pictures of the club facade and Hall 1:


37 Ekzarh Yosif St.

The House of Cinema in the center of Sofia has been for many yeras the most important cultural and film center for cinema professionals and movie lovers. Its hall hosts screenings of the best world cinema, thematic series, special weeks dedicated to foreign productions, workshops, festivals, exhibitions, special educational thematic programs.

The House of Cinema is part of Europe Cinemas Network and one of the main venues for the big international movie festivals in Sofia - the International Sofia Film Fest, Cinemania and the European Co-productions Festival.

Pictures of the House of Cinema (entrance and lobby):